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Видео реклама в "Кофе Хауз".


Advertising agency Media Retail offers the popular and effective method of advertising on monitors in the chain of coffee shops «Coffee House» .

«Coffee House» is the largest chain of coffee shops in Russia and Ukraine. Ukrainian chain "Coffee House" includes 21 coffee shops that serve a huge number of visitors.

Advertisement on monitors is a young and rapidly growing segment of the advertising market, it is the newest media channel which provides more active contact with the audience and attracts lots of attention. The broadcast of advertisement through LCD panel allows you to play a clear, bright and mobile video similar to television. Each cafe has up to 4 monitors - it gives the possibility to reproduce the advertising information to a fairly large audience. Daily attendance makes up to15,000 people in total (according to not official sources). Advertisement on monitors in the chain of coffee shops "Coffee House" attracts interest, is very affordable, easily perceived and remembered by the audience regardless of their specifications.

Address program

  • Kiev, ulitsa Bogdana Khmelnitskogo, 33
  • Kiev, ulitsa Bogdana Khmelnitskogo, 10/30
  • Kiev, Velyka Zhytomyrska Street, 8/14
  • Kiev, Druzhby Narodiv boulevard, 25
  • Kiev, Lesi Ukrainky Boulevard, 24
  • Kiev, Lesi Ukrainky Boulevard, 34
  • Kiev, Kostiantynivska Street, 16
  • Kiev, Chervonoarmiiska Street, 111-113
  • Kiev, Khreschatyk Street, 1/30
  • Kiev, Khreschatyk Street, 7/11
  • Kiev, Melnykova Street,
  • Kiev, Peremohy avenue, 18
  • Kiev, Peremohy avenue, 3
  • Kiev, ulitsa Petra Sagaydachnogo, 29А
  • Kiev, ulitsa Petra Sagaydachnogo, 41
  • Kiev, Saksahanskoho Street, 109
  • Kiev, ,
  • Kiev, Suvorova street, 4
  • Kiev, Shota Rustaveli street, 10
  • Kiev, Yaroslaviv Val street, 13
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